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Gestures -R.Mills [Transcribed from UNL345H3D]

I concentrated immensely
on the heart of the matter
The source of a newborn star
or a strongly misguided abyss.

I poured out my kindness
bled all the colors of my soul
transferred them to canvas’
but nothing quite matched
the beauty I had witnessed…

[the sweetness of her voice
when she sings out
is unmatched by any instrument
nor page of music
past nor present.]

I could not compare the sculptors
with the sculptures, nor determine
their particular textures,
describe them as smoothe or ruff.

[Rough or rigid.]

They cast the first stone;
they stoned the prophet
but the boulders only crushed
against that which was solid.

Meanwhile, the messiah
sought out the only certainties
that could only bind human with nature
documenting it all with scattered scripture.

This time the ultimate sacrifice
was not made by one, but my many,
For the disciples had made a pact;
vowing they were in this together.