A Tribute to The Spirituality, Livelyhood, and Essence of All Those Whom Believe in Freedom. This blog is dedicated to the most vulgar, most obscene, most provacative, and the most taboo. The revolution begins here, with the mind... THE ISLAND SOCIETY© is A Registered Trademark™ of R.Mills since April 2010. Registered & Protectedcopyright act
THE iSLAND SOCiETY© turned 4 today!

THE iSLAND SOCiETY© turned 4 today!

All-in-one; My paintbrush
does a marathon
as the colors run…
The vibrance floods;
and I’m on the hunt;
peering through the scope
as if the whole wide world
operated under the gun;
and to bite the bullet
tastes like taking lead poisoning
outta’ an ammunition chunk.
I’ll still hoist you up
with blood boiling…
An offer opens up,
just as you’re recoiling,
and if they strike first;
they will surely strike again;
Blast an exit out of an opening.
Chop the head off a serpent,
but how will you dress your mannequin?

Blaze through the sun
atop thy fiery chariot
just as though, beyond that foliage
one could find Camelot.
I’ve already ingested my daily dosage
of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins;
Grant me the strength to overcome my many challenges…

Take a shot
at painting the town red
like an ink-blot test;
As though Rorschach went ape-shit
on the Rip City
in a Kevlar Vest,
but assault wasn’t even a foot-note or side-reference;
for the assailants were outdone
by the ancients of other ages;
This is a full-scale siege at the castle gates;
A skirmish at the foot of your marble staircase;
Where Liberty gently held our faces,
and immortalized them within her eternal encasement.
Sleeping giants slowly awakened-
awaiting for the perfect moment
to be reactivated;
Molecules combined;
then seperated,
and concentrated-
The mechanisms to their own inventions
began showing sure-signs of blessings
through their burdens…

The light whistling of the wind,
the door swings open,
just as someone closes the curtains.


When life hands you lemons, say, “BiTCH. I WILL. FUCKiNG DESTROY YOU!”

—R.Mills 1/15/2014

[To R.Mills]

"Through these pages of invisible lines
typed up words
from a mind- not from the eyes
or from the ears
but perhaps from some fear
or some heart and exquisite pride.
I read and read between the lines
betwixted from a mix
of thoughts in mine.
Of rain or shine
of pain or cries,
the blood from the ink
and I blink
and think…
“why not share
this creative mind?”“


From The heart that started it all…

The continuous source of inspiration, from all those years ago.

Thank you, for daring me, to become what I am, and what I am to embrace.