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The dustbunnies and cobwebs are not our friends, though we live with them.

Revenge of Eternity (& Massacre of The Greats) By R.Mills

Gonna put this shit on blast-
tear a sinkhole
underneath their asses…
This is where the action happens…

A madman left alone
to his crazy antics [his madness]
After choking out lunatics
and stabbing maniacs…
`till their hearts had seized
and their fate’s had been sealed
with the lids
of their caskets,
exhuming their bodies
only to beat the shit
out of their dead carcasses…

Oh, he had gotten away
with murder-
because this truly made a difference;
coming full-circle
like a circumference…

Suddenly, I had your thots captive
like poking endangered animals
at rare exhibits
with a stick…

-Crude man-made tools,
to do with
whatever I sought fit
and so I spilled
the ink
as if
it had been dispensed
expended and expelled
out of my fingertips
for the sake of a cause…

…but this was effect,

this was my own invention,
my own personal interpretation
of intellect
that was brought to the light,
only in the rarest of moments
if you so much as blink, you may miss it…

so if you lendt me your attentions
your ears for just a sec (or second)
I’d fill all your senses
with a shot
of Van Gogh’s Starry Night,
give you wings
and grant you flight.

Bridge the gap-

Neurons strike the synapsis

A paint-slaying
acrossed an open canvas
The very first touch
of color
when placed together,
we created the picture.

We met at a crossroads
and our destinies

To all those that truly feel me,
as you hear me now…
This was an overflow,
A wash
of my tidal waves,
sweeping across the landscape,
and if you have never created
then you only destroy your own potential
to do something monumental
something worth remembering…
Even if creation was restricted
to creating a situation or scenario,
because a collaboration
was the greatest contribution of all,

Aided, assisted, abetted, & resolved
of bringing matters to a rest
of reassurance
in the right direction.

This is a silent dedication
A tributary [not an obsession].

A sprouting
of a springing blossom;
a spiritual connection-

Like Helen Keller
blindly sharing a vision,
just before spontaneously combusting,
she exploded
like a spark
striking the ignition…

Jimi Hendrix drown Salvador Dali
in a bathtub of sulfuric acid,
before falling-in, face-first…

Al Capone’s goons, henchmen, & hooligans
beat Beethoven senseless
in a back-alleyway…

Jack The Rippor
surgically removed and ripped out
William Shakespeare’s intestines…

Ronald McDonald
sexually molested The Grimace.

Albert Einstein
shot Walt Disney


I see men assassinated around me every day. I walk through rooms of the dead, streets of the dead, cities of the dead; men without eyes, men without voices; men with manufactured feelings and standard reactions; men with newspaper brains, television souls and high school ideas.

—Charles Bukowski (via octavius69)

(via lysistrat)

THE iSLAND SOCiETY© turned 4 today!

THE iSLAND SOCiETY© turned 4 today!

All-in-one; My paintbrush
does a marathon
as the colors run…
The vibrance floods;
and I’m on the hunt;
peering through the scope
as if the whole wide world
operated under the gun;
and to bite the bullet
tastes like taking lead poisoning
outta’ an ammunition chunk.
I’ll still hoist you up
with blood boiling…
An offer opens up,
just as you’re recoiling,
and if they strike first;
they will surely strike again;
Blast an exit out of an opening.
Chop the head off a serpent,
but how will you dress your mannequin?

Blaze through the sun
atop thy fiery chariot
just as though, beyond that foliage
one could find Camelot.
I’ve already ingested my daily dosage
of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins;
Grant me the strength to overcome my many challenges…

Take a shot
at painting the town red
like an ink-blot test;
As though Rorschach went ape-shit
on the Rip City
in a Kevlar Vest,
but assault wasn’t even a foot-note or side-reference;
for the assailants were outdone
by the ancients of other ages;
This is a full-scale siege at the castle gates;
A skirmish at the foot of your marble staircase;
Where Liberty gently held our faces,
and immortalized them within her eternal encasement.
Sleeping giants slowly awakened-
awaiting for the perfect moment
to be reactivated;
Molecules combined;
then seperated,
and concentrated-
The mechanisms to their own inventions
began showing sure-signs of blessings
through their burdens…

The light whistling of the wind,
the door swings open,
just as someone closes the curtains.


When life hands you lemons, say, “BiTCH. I WILL. FUCKiNG DESTROY YOU!”

—R.Mills 1/15/2014